Camping in Denmark

At Spottocamp you can find 444 fantastic campsites in Denmark. Whether you go by tent, camper or caravan, we find the best places to give you a great holiday.

What is the best period for camping in Denmark?
The best time to camp in Denmark is the months April to June. This is when there is less rain and the most hours of sunshine per day. With a maximum temperature of 22 degrees, July is the hottest month in Denmark.

What does camping cost in Denmark?
The average price of a campsite in Denmark is DKK 31.97 per night. This is an average price based on a car and two persons with a tent, caravan or camper.

On holiday in Denmark.

Denmark is located in the large part of north-western Europe that has a temperate maritime climate. Because of this, Denmark has four seasons, each with their own weather patterns. The winters are fairly mild and can have some vicious winter days. Spring and autumn are fickle, with both cool days and pleasantly warm days possible. The summer is moderate on average. What you will notice in Denmark is that both sunny hot summers and changeable cooler summers can occur. If you take all the climate statistics into consideration, the summer is the best time to travel to Denmark. The most pleasant travel period is from the end of May to the beginning of September. If you had to choose, we would prefer July and August for almost all of our trips. That coincides with the Dutch summer holidays, which makes Denmark a travel destination that is mainly visited during the summer holidays.

The climate in Denmark

Denmark has a temperate maritime climate, with not too hot summers and rather mild winters. The influence of the sea water is less strong here than in the Netherlands, which means that during the summer months the eastern part of Denmark gets colder than the west and the summers are generally a little warmer on the eastern side. The main difference is that high-pressure areas tend to be more persistent than in our country and have a longer influence on the weather, so that it can sometimes be warm (in the summer) or cold (in the winter) over longer periods and storms have less chance of reaching Denmark. This is especially noticeable in the east and northeast, where the average annual precipitation is around 500 millimetres, compared to 800 to 900 millimetres in the Netherlands.

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