Camping in Czech Republic

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What is the best period for camping in Czech Republic?
The best time to camp in Czech Republic is the months January to April. This is when there is less rain and the most hours of sunshine per day. With a maximum temperature of 22 degrees, August is the hottest month in Czech Republic.

What does camping cost in Czech Republic?
The average price of a campsite in Czech Republic is CZK 453.26 per night. This is an average price based on a car and two persons with a tent, caravan or camper.

On holiday in Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic, located in the centre of Europe, has a mix of almost flat lowlands, hilly landscapes and a number of mountains, which often serve as national borders. The climate of the Czech Republic is mainly a mix of a temperate maritime climate and a temperate continental climate. In the mountains, you will also find the tundra climate at higher altitudes. Because the Czech Republic is in Europe, there are four seasons which are almost equal to our seasons.

The climate in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has three different climates: a temperate maritime climate with mild summers and fairly mild winters, a temperate continental climate with cooler winters and reasonable amounts of annual precipitation, and a cool continental climate (type Dfc). The lower temperatures and higher precipitation amounts mainly apply to the higher regions of the Czech Republic. The lower-lying areas around Prague (Central Bohemia) and Brno (Southern Moravia) are considerably drier than the rest of the Czech Republic. With an annual precipitation average of about 400 to 600 millimetres, it is also a lot drier here than in the Netherlands, where the average annual precipitation is about 700 to 800 millimetres. Depressions and precipitation are often kept at bay by the mountains, so the lower lying areas in the country are relatively dry. Because the average height of the mountains and plateaus is not so high, the temperatures do not fall as far as in the more southerly Austria.

Climate table

Month Temperature Sunshine hours p/d Days of precipitation p/m Precipitation p/m
January -6°C to 0°C
2 hours
2 11
February -5°C to 2°C
2 hours
2 12
March -2°C to 7°C
4 hours
4 13
April 1°C to 12°C
6 hours
6 13
May 5°C to 17°C
7 hours
7 14
June 9°C to 20°C
7 hours
7 16
July 11°C to 21°C
7 hours
7 15
August 12°C to 22°C
7 hours
7 17
September 9°C to 19°C
5 hours
5 12
October 4°C to 13°C
4 hours
4 13
November -1°C to 5°C
2 hours
2 15
December -4°C to 1°C
2 hours
2 14

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