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Things to do in Mainland and Evia, Greece

Greece, a country known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and beautiful islands, is a must-visit for any travel enthusiast. While the popular islands such as Santorini and Mykonos often steal the limelight, the mainland and the island of Evia have a lot to offer. Here, we explore some of the best activities to do in these regions and recommend some excellent campgrounds for your stay.

must visit greece mainland and evia

30 de agosto de 2023


Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece is a treasure trove of historical sites, natural beauty, and diverse landscapes. One of the top activities is exploring the ancient ruins. The archaeological site of Delphi, once known as the center of the world in ancient Greek mythology, is a must-visit. For nature lovers, the breathtaking Vikos Gorge in the Pindos Mountains offers fantastic hiking opportunities.

Another great activity is camping. One of the best places to camp in mainland Greece is the Campsite Chrissa. Located near the archaeological site of Delphi, this campsite provides a unique blend of history and nature.


Evia is also home to some beautiful campgrounds

Evia, the second largest island in Greece, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The island boasts beautiful beaches, charming villages, and thermal springs. Hiking in the Dirfys-Messapia Mountain is a popular activity on the island. The trails offer stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding landscapes.

Evia is also home to some beautiful campgrounds. Sikia (+Apartments) is located in Kato Gatzea on the island. It is perfect for those who love the beach and enjoy the tranquility of nature. The campsite also offers apartments for those who prefer a bit more comfort.

Mainland Greece and Evia Combined

If you have enough time, combining the mainland and Evia could provide an unforgettable Greek adventure. Imagine spending your days exploring ancient ruins, hiking through beautiful landscapes, and then relaxing on stunning beaches.

A great place to stay would be Campsite Hellas International. Located in Katogatzea, this campsite offers a perfect base for exploring both the mainland and Evia.

In conclusion, mainland Greece and Evia offer a wide range of activities for all types of travelers. Whether you love history, nature, or the beach, these regions have something to offer. Don't forget to