Yyteri, Finland

Yyteri is home to Finland’s longest beach, which stretches to four miles on the western Baltic shore. It’s known for beautiful sand dunes and is one of the country’s most popular leisure destinations in the summertime.


Luskentyre beach, Scotland, UK

While Scotland has more stunning stretches of sand than you can shake a bucket and spade at, Luskentyre Beach on Harris has been voted one of the best in the world and I think you can see why.


St Kilda, Scotland, UK

Sometimes described as ‘the islands on the edge of the world’, the archipelago of St Kilda is the remotest part of the British Isles with the last of the native population evacuated in 1930. Now a preserved wilderness it is home to a magnificent variety of animal, bird and plant species.


Staffa, Scotland, UK

Giant hexagonal pillars of basalt rock and dark sea caves welcome you on the approach to this little uninhabited isle off the west coast. Here you will find Fingal’s Cave, a geological marvel with its unique cathedral like structure.


Grey Mare’s Tail, Scotland, UK

The fifth highest waterfall in the UK rushes spectacularly down through a hanging valley from Loch Skeen above to the Moffat Water below. The waterfall is the jewel in the surrounding scenic nature reserve.