Formentera, Spain

Ibiza’s little neighbor, Formentera, couldn’t be any more different in its atmosphere. It’s calm, relaxed, and utterly spoiled by untouched beaches and lapis lazuli water. The Balearics are well known for their sunsets and sunrises, which you can enjoy without having stayed up all night at the club.


Danube Delta, Romania

The Danube River stretches from Germany to the Black Sea, and the stretch that runs through Romania is dead sexy. Reed marshes and swampland accents the clear blue waters, and there are even secluded beaches to discover.


Zakopane, Poland

Poland’s winter capital, Zakopane, is one of those rare places that truly comes alive after the snow falls. It’s rather secluded, with rustic log cabins set against glistening summits and alpine meadows. If you’re thinking about a cozy ski getaway in the middle of nowhere, consider your decision made.


Curonian Spit, Lithuania

Wild forest, sand dunes, and the ocean hypnotically unite at Curonian Spit. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts a lagoon with Europe’s highest sand dunes and Drunkard’s Forest, which is covered in tree trunks that are mysteriously curled, twisted, and always asking for money to hit the liquor store.


Lake Balaton, Hungary

Lake Balaton is nothing but gorgeous turquoise for as far as the eye can see. Hungary’s most famous blue-green body of water is also the largest and shallowest in all of Europe (that’s right, probably the most relaxing swim of your entire life). It would all seem rather Mediterranean if it weren’t for all those cute Hungarian farmhouses wrapped in thick woodland groves.