May 23, 2017

Bundoran beach, Ireland

Ireland might not be the first surfing spot that comes to mind, but it is real! Bundoran even hosted the European Surfing Championship in 2011. The waves are accessible all year round and the easiest way to get there is by car, although local buses do run between Donegal and Bundoran.

May 22, 2017

Watergate Bay, Cornwall, England

Another classic surfing destination in England in Watergate Bay in Newquay. This area is a lot more forgiving than most with beginners! Newquay is about five hours away from London and is accessible by the A30.

May 21, 2017

Sennen Cove, Cornwall, England

These top 10 surf destinations in Europe would not be complete without a few beaches in the UK. Sennen Cove has a lot to offer to experienced surfers with some of the best waves on the English coastlines!

May 20, 2017

Lacanau, France

Lacanau is by far the most popular surfing spot in the Bordeaux area. The area offers several beaches and is accessible to beginners when the sea is not too rough. But beware, once the sea gets agitated, only confirmed surfers will know how to ride those waves!

May 19, 2017

Hossegor, France

Hossegor is truly one of the best surfing destinations in Europe. Its waves are powerful – sometimes even brutal, but it is for many the best surfing spot in the west of France. It is easily accessed by car from Biarritz, which is merely 42 kilometers away.