Camping in Zambia

At Spottocamp you can find 2 fantastic campsites in Zambia. Whether you go by tent, camper or caravan, we find the best places to give you a great holiday.

What is the best period for camping in Zambia?
The best time to camp in Zambia is the months May to July. This is when there is less rain and the most hours of sunshine per day. With a maximum temperature of 31 degrees, October is the hottest month in Zambia.

On holiday in Zambia.

Zambia's subtropical to tropical climate ensures warm dry winters and wet, humid and very hot summers. Because Zambia lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are opposite to those in the Netherlands and Belgium. Therefore, our summer is the best time to fly to Zambia. It is winter there. You won't experience winter weather in the coolest season, but you will experience somewhat moderate temperatures, lots of sunshine and little to no rain.

The climate in Zambia

Zambia is a country in the south of Africa. Zambia has no sea border, but is surrounded by Angola, Botswana, Congo-Kinshasa, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The country lies at an altitude of 329 to 2301 metres above sea level, with the Zambezi River forming the lowest point and the Mafinga Hills at 2310 metres the highest point. The landscape is a variation of plateaus, hills, basins and rivers. Thanks to the presence of water and the height differences, Zambia offers beautiful natural phenomena, such as the impressive Victoria Falls, where the water of the Zambezi splashes down over a height of no less than one hundred metres. Zambia's climate ensures beautiful variations in flora and fauna. An increasing number of tourists have discovered Zambia as a peaceful, but also very beautiful alternative for popular destinations such as Namibia and Mozambique.

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