Camping in Slovakia

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What is the best period for camping in Slovakia?
The best time to camp in Slovakia is the months January to April. This is when there is less rain and the most hours of sunshine per day. With a maximum temperature of 25 degrees, July is the hottest month in Slovakia.

What does camping cost in Slovakia?
The average price of a campsite in Slovakia is per night. This is an average price based on a car and two persons with a tent, caravan or camper.

On holiday in Slovakia.

Slovakia, located centrally in Europe, consists largely of hilly landscapes and mountains. Only in the west you will find lower lying flat areas. The climate in Slovakia is continental. The only exception is the higher mountain areas, where the climate changes to a tundra climate at higher altitudes. A characteristic of the weather in Slovakia is that it can be erratic. In the summer months, the temperature can be as high as 16 degrees one day, while a week later the thermometers shoot up to 35 degrees or even higher. The same capriciousness can be found in the winter. Milder periods can alternate with periods of moderate to severe frost giving the country a serious winter character. Late spring and early autumn are often the best months to travel to destinations with a continental climate like Slovakia.

The climate in Slovakia

Slovakia (Flemish: Slovakije) has, according to the Köppen climate classification, for a large part a temperate continental climate (Dfb), with relatively cool winters and warm summers. The lower-lying areas of Slovakia have a warm continental climate (Type Dfa), with relatively mild winter months and slightly warmer summers. The higher parts of the Tatra Mountains have a high mountain climate (Type EH), with cool winters, cool summers and quite a lot of precipitation spread throughout the year. The relatively large differences that sometimes occur between the northern side of the mountain areas and the south-west of Slovakia, where the capital Bratislava is located, are striking. The High Tatras, Low Tatras and the Slovakian Ore Mountains ensure that cold and precipitation often cannot reach the south-west of the country. In the summer months, the temperature differences can increase even more due to the northward flow of warm air from the Balkans. There are also large differences in annual precipitation. The south-west of Slovakia has an average of about 500 to 700 millimetres of precipitation per year, most of which falls in the form of rain in the summer months. The Tatra mountains, on the other hand, receive 800 to 1800 millimetres of precipitation per year. Most of this also falls in the summer months, but because there is a fairly long cool period, about a quarter to a third of all precipitation here falls in the form of snow or sleet.

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