Camping in Russian Federation

At Spottocamp you can find 53 fantastic campsites in Russian Federation. Whether you go by tent, camper or caravan, we find the best places to give you a great holiday.

What is the best period for camping in Russian Federation?
The best time to camp in Russian Federation is the months May to August. This is when there is less rain and the most hours of sunshine per day. With a maximum temperature of 23 degrees, July is the hottest month in Russian Federation.

What does camping cost in Russian Federation?
The average price of a campsite in Russian Federation is per night. This is an average price based on a car and two persons with a tent, caravan or camper.

On holiday in Russian Federation.

If you know that Russia is the largest country in the world, you will realise that it is not so easy to determine the best travel time for the whole of Russia. In a country of such dimensions, different climates are found. Russia has a stark climate with many extremes. In winter months it is cool (west) to very cold (Siberia) while in summer it is cool (polar region) to very hot (inland). Average values that apply to Russia's climate are really averages. Upward and downward fluctuations are possible. In the winter months you always have to reckon with extreme weather conditions. Even in the more temperate regions it can freeze quite hard, which means that all kinds of risks increase rapidly. In addition to the direct danger to health (freezing), the risk of car and other equipment breaking down due to the low temperatures is also very real. In spring and autumn, you should bear in mind that the transition from winter to summer and vice versa is not as gradual as we are used to in the Netherlands. Within a few weeks, there can be temperature differences of tens of degrees.

The climate in Russian Federation

Russia (officially: Russian Federation, Российская Федерация), as the largest country in the world, has to deal with a large number of climatic conditions. No country has as much difference in temperature as this immense country, which stretches across two continents: Asia and Europe. In the winter months, the thermometers can fall to minus 50 degrees Celsius and in the summer months, it can easily reach between 40 and 50 degrees. On an annual basis, the temperature differences are almost one hundred degrees, a phenomenon that is found in few places in the world.

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