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What is the best period for camping in Liechtenstein?
The best time to camp in Liechtenstein is the months January to October. This is when there is less rain and the most hours of sunshine per day. With a maximum temperature of 25 degrees, July is the hottest month in Liechtenstein.

What does camping cost in Liechtenstein?
The average price of a campsite in Liechtenstein is per night. This is an average price based on a car and two persons with a tent, caravan or camper.

On holiday in Liechtenstein.

The Principality of Liechtenstein is a European dwarf state. Liechtenstein is located in the Alps, between Switzerland and Austria. The country lies in the Rhine valley. The Rhine forms the natural western border with Switzerland. The lowest point in the country is Ruffeller Riet, which is 430 metres above sea level. The Grauspitz, with an altitude of 2599 metres, is the highest point in the country. Due to its location in the mountains, there is a continental climate with a high mountain climate on the mountain peaks. The winters are rather cool and in the mountains cold. Summers can be pleasant, but can sometimes be quite extreme. In July and August, the temperature can rise above thirty degrees, but in extreme cases it can also stay around ten degrees. On average, 22 to 25 degrees is pleasant in the Rhine Valley during the period from June to August.

The climate in Liechtenstein

The dwarf state of Liechtenstein lies wedged between the Alpine countries of Austria and Switzerland. The country is especially known for its favourable tax climate. The other climate, the weather, lies between a continental climate and a temperate maritime climate. There is enough influence from the sea not to let the temperatures drop too far in the winter months, and in the summer months - due to the combination of mountains and the proximity (a few hundred kilometres) of the Mediterranean Sea - the thermometer almost always stays (well) below the 30-degree mark. At the lower altitudes, the temperate maritime climate prevails. This Cfb-climate is determined on the basis of the average climate figures for Liechtenstein. In practice, you can see that the actual temperatures often deviate significantly from the long-term average. Especially in winter, it can be a lot cooler than what the figures predict. In addition, a foehn wind can sometimes cause the temperature to be much higher than what is considered normal for Liechtenstein. In the higher parts of the dwarf state, the climate is continental, with lower temperatures and more snow. Precipitation falls in summer in the form of rain. In winter, there is regular winter precipitation, especially in the higher parts of the country. It is striking that the summer months are significantly wetter than the winter. In July and August, there is two to three times more precipitation than in January and February. This is partly due to the fact that rain areas can, as it were, get stuck above Liechtenstein and subsequently rain out there. Therefore, sometimes in the summer there can be a day (or two) when it is mainly wet and grey.

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