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Campsite opened from 01 January till 31 December
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Sand beach
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Autocamp Zelenika

Zelenika 9a

Hello everyone,

I'll write about the camp in several steps, so it's easier for everyone to read trough.

First, this camp is a familiy bussines started by my grandfather and the camp is up and working for 53 years. It is located in Zelenika, Herceg-Novi, Montenegro. The camp is entirely green, with lots of trees, grass and shade. The beach is only 30meters away from the camp. Also there are several shops that are also 30-50meters away. As for the objects in the camp, we have separte male and female showers and toilets and a sheltered place in the upper part of camp, where you can sit down, cook etc...  Also from the camp you can  take a lovely walk to the main part of Herceg-Novi, the entire road leads next to the see side and there is no traffic.

Second, the prices. So the prices are: 6.00eur (tax included) for person, 3.00eur for children between 7-14 years, 3.00eur for tent, 3.00-5.00eur for car (depending on the size), electricity is 3.00eur daily.

Also we are offering some discounts for groups on the price „for each person“. If you decide to stay between 1-3 days we offer 10% discount, if you stay between 4-6 days we offer 15% discount and if you decide to stay 7 or more days we offer 20% discount. Also, one person (group leader) is for free (he/she only pays the city tax, nothing else).

Please note that we can only take groups of maximum 40 people, give or take a few persons, at one time.

Third, a little bit about what you can see in Herceg-Novi. I will start with the city square and above it there is an old clock tower. Also there are several fortresses from different periods, Kanli Kula, Forte Mare and above the city Španjola (which offers a great view of Herceg-Novi and also the bay) and also the ruins of the Citadela fortress on the sea side.

There is a sea side road for pedestrians that is about 5km long. It starts across the camp and leads all the way to the end of the city. For the entire time it follows the sea side and it is traffic free.

Also there are a lot of churches to see. I would like to point out the Savina Monastery, which is 20min walking from the camp.

Of cours the „must see“ is the Bokakotorska bay (which is UNESCO protected) and the famous Blue cave and the Žanjic beach. (these three places are accessable with boat, which can be arranged for a fair price).

And also, if you are interested, there are beautifull walking roads in the mountains above Herceg-Novi, for example Orjen and Subra. There are a lot of walking paths that are well marked, maintained and often used by local people and tourists.

And, not to forget, if you are interested in kayaking just give us a heads-up and it can be arranged, for a fair price.

I could go on and write all day about what you can see in Herceg-Novi. These are some of the main places to visit or as we say „a must see“.

PS: Also I'd like to note that at Autocamp Zelenika we speak: English, Hungarian, German, French.

PPS: If you would like to make a reservation, please contact me through my personal email: bajkovicdusan@outlook.com

Best regards to everyone,

Dusan B.

Characteristics campsite


Cooking facilities

Pitches with shade
Open all year round
Car allowed on spot

Swim in natural water
Sand beach
Boat hire

Washing cabins

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