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Campingplatz geöffnet von 01 January bis 31 December
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Surry Ridge Campground


The extended clearing has short grass, is mostly level and usually green - a pleasant camp.
Shaded by Messmate and Brown Stringybark the camp site's dry sclerophyll forest contrasts with the adjoining wet sclerophyll forest in the river gully. Prolific bird life. Tank. Rating 4.3/5 Near a camp site for the Great South West Walking Trail, walking tracks lead through stands of Blackwood, Swamp Gum, Stringybark and Manna Gum with an understory of ferns, rushes, shrubs and climbing Clematis. Tim's Loop Walk: 1km, 0.5hr return, easy Hodgett's Loop Walk: 2k, 1hr return, easy Kangaroos and emus are common in the surrounding forest.

This site is accessable by caravans in good weather.

Getting there
Situated on the forested banks of the Surry River south-west of Heywood, north of Portland. Access from Heywood: South 6k on the Princes Hwy [A1], left (west) 8.6k on Coffeys Lane (5k gravel), left (south) 1.2k on Jackeys Swamp Rd, right (west) 2.2k on Cut Out Dam Rd, 200m down signposted access road on left.

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