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Campingplatz geöffnet von 01 January bis 31 December
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Woods Lake Campground


Lakeside camping between the boat ramp and the dam wall with no facilities.
There is good access here for launching kayaks and a concrete boat ramp nearby for launching trailer boats. There are no facilities so you will need to either bring a chemical toilet or a shovel (be respectful and bury all waste deep and well away from the shoreline). You will also need to bring your own firewood and drinking water. Fishing The lake is considered a Premium Wild Trout Fishery and is managed by the Inland Fishery Service. Click here for a brochure explaining the types of fish, permitted fishing types and information on the dam. Click here for information on water levels at the lake

We have no information available on what vehicles can access this campsite.

Getting there
The road in is dirt and can be a little slippery and rough at times. AWD vehicles will have no problems, generally a 2wd will be OK