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Campingplatz geöffnet von 01 January bis 31 December
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Rosedale Campground


Free camping area in Holey Plains State Park, with great views.
There is now two separate areas, a Picnic area & the camping area. The Picnic area is bollarded off and has two picnic tables & the Fire Pit/Ring in it. The camping area has vehicle access & room for about 6 spots There is NO fire Pit/Ring in the camping area, the fire Pit/Ring is in the Picnic Area (In my opinion a really silly spot for it). We did have a Campfire which was a hole/trench made to the regulation sizes.

This campsite is accessable with regular 2wd vehicles.

Getting there
There is a few ways to get to this spot we Headed in off Rosedale/Longford road through the Pine Forrest there was a few spots the were a little soft due the the sand in the area. It is best access to this area is to look at your map & go for it there is heaps of tracks to explore. If you are coming in a 2WD make sure that you pick a good gravel road.