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Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve

6875, 25km from Touws River, Touwsrivier
Western Cape, Südafrika

Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve is a highly recommended property for self catering in Touws River for tourists visiting the Karoo region.

About Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve
Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve offers comfortable accommodation in the Nougaspoort Valley, just 25 km from Touws River, and offers visitors an eco-adventure destination. Our aim at Gecko Rock is to offer our visitors an unparalleled outdoor experience in one of the most unique natural areas on earth. Gecko Rock is located within one of the World’s most unique regions. Known simply as the Karoo. The name, ‘Karoo’ originates from the Khoikhoi tribe, who long ago called the region ‘Garob’ - meaning place of great dryness. The word eventually changed to Carro, and finally its present day form. Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve offers visitors the choice of various accommodation options, including a wooden cottage, cabins or stone cottages. Guests have unspoiled views and magnificent night skies and can enjoy days of hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, photography and 4x4 trails. Please see the individual room descriptions with photographs below, to assist you with your choice. • BBQ / braai facilities • Off-street parking • Camping and hiking • Guided 4x4 and 4x2 routes as well as driver training • Rock climbing and mountain biking • Flower and succulent tours • Bird watching • Star gazing

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kirk g.
A perfect weekend of long walks, peace and quiet. The cabin is comfortable and spacious. An excellent environment for young kids to go exploring. 2 days here really is a great way to recharge.
3 Jahre vor