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Rusnik Campground Inc

Route 1 Box 5441
01952, Salisbury
Massachusetts, USA

Rusnik Family Campground is a great spot on rt. 1 in Salisbury, MA. Located just 3 miles from Salisbury Beach and 4 miles from Hampton Beach. The location makes it a wonderful getaway. If you are not a fan of sand between your toes, then you can still soak up some rays by relaxing by the nice large pool. Whether you are looking for a place to park your trailer or pitch a tent, we have nice wooded sites to fit your needs. There are plenty of things to do in the campground and around town. We hope to see you there soon.

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Engelska (USA)
Hi, I've been camping my entire life and have never been to a place like this. I honestly, don't even know where to begin. I should of realized when it was the only place with vacancy, but I didn't. Upon arriving, it was empty, my car alarm went off by mistake, the owner walked over asking if I had nothing better to do as if I did it on purpose. This was a bad sign from that point on he never left me alone and I'm a 60 year old female by myself with two young children. He was scary looking, lived in the trailer across the way, and was told he watches every move everyone makes literally! He sold us wet wood and wouldn't take it back so we had to go out and buy new wood. By the time we got back to cook food over the fire he yelled saying the fire was too big, as if it was intentional and it was only for one minute, he harassed me about it then told me to just put it out so I had to tell the kids they couldn't have dinner. One of the neighbors came by, and said we'd be better off leaving, as they were as he was knocking on their trailer windows looking inside told them it was quiet time yet they were inside not making any noise. Despite we did what he said and put the fire out it but it re-lit so he came back and with another guy, just as scary & sketchy looking as him. The young boy, spoke up, out of frustration seeing me being harassed all day long, and says leave us alone. Despite we hadn't done anything wrong, he said that's it pack up & leave so at midnight we packed up and drive home which was a four hour drive. What kind of person or place would do this to innocent people. We didn't bother anyone, we never did anything wrong, I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone even if it was free. Camping is supposed to be enjoyable, and relaxing, they should be shut down. Even the bathrooms were filthy, it looked like they hadn't been cleaned in years and were full of spiders and cob webs it was awful. And lastly, we were told to leave without a valid reason so they should of given us our money back so we could of stayed somewhere else.
3 år sedan