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Voyager RV Resort

8701 South Kolb Road
85756, Tucson
Arizona, Estados Unidos

Voyager RV Resort é um parque de campismo localizado em Tucson , Estados Unidos, localizado na região da Arizona. Voyager RV Resort O a tenda de campismo, a restaurante y a piscina interior. Os cães são permitidos.

Em Voyager RV Resort é possível acampar com a caravana o a autocaravana. Você pode encontrar várias atividades recreativas no acampamento. Há a parque infantil, a sauna, a quadra de ténis, a quadra de voleibol, a campo de golfe y a Área do minigolfe.

Para a lavandaria há máquinas de lavar y secadores de roupa disponível.

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Parque infantil
Nadar em água natural
Piscina Exterior
Quadra de ténis
quadra de voleibol
Área do Minigolfe
Campo de golfe
Aluguer de barcos

Mudança de fraldas para bebés
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Inglês (US)
We stayed 7 nights at Voyager RV Resort in Tucson, AZ. Would we stay at Voyager RV Resort again? First impressions may be deceiving. In this video, we provide a walking tour of the Voyager RV Resort and campground amenities. We also share our thoughts on whether we would stay here again and why. Verizon cellular service clocked in at 24.3 Mbps download speed and 3.56 Mbps upload speed. AT&T cellular service clocked in at 64.4 Mbps download speed and 7.93 Mbps upload speed. T-Mobile cellular service clocked in at 50.1 Mbps download speed and 2.71 Mbps upload speed.
7 meses ás

Ken 3d
Inglês (US)
If you want a crowded, over-priced parking lot, this is your kind of place. Devoid of personality. Strikes me as what a corporate-run RV park is....maybe the Thousand Trails influence? It speaks volumes that we paid for 2 nights but are leaving after 1.
8 meses ás

Inglês (US)
Hopping to find more things todo in Tucson Park is very nice and the staff is friendly. Showed up after office was closed the had all of my information and got me set up quickly. It is a very clean and phone service is good with Verizon
2 anos ás

Inglês (US)
I've made a detailed video review: https://youtu.be/G42B7R0mG08 Voyager RV Resort near Tucson is a very neat park, one of the fancy ones. Even if you're a member of Thousand Trails, it will still cost you 20 dollars per night, and I can see why. Also, there's an age limit, it's a 55+ park, but they don't mind younger people, even with children, however, for no longer than 2 weeks stay. Also the children are required to follow the pool hours and are not allowed in whirlpools, but kids' friendly hours are quite reasonable. There are so many activities in the park! A big library, lots of crafts rooms, even a wood shop. A big gym, three pools, lots of groups and activities, tennis courts, etc. Also a proper restaurant and a store on property. We really enjoyed our stay there.
2 anos ás

Inglês (US)
If you choose to stay, make sure you get the full list of rules. You can only walk your dog on certain streets. You don’t know which streets those are, you just wait to get reprimanded by residents. You have to have cash to purchase a laundry card but no place to get cash. Concrete as far as the eye can see. No WiFi. Expensive. You have to wear an ID card. This is everything I dislike about camping. So excited to leave and get on with our journey.
2 anos ás

Joe the Computerguy
Inglês (US)
Yep, it is a resort. But that comes with a lot of caveats. Have you ever lived in a HOA area and they are up your butt about everything? That's the way it is here. You MUST wear a name tag throughout the place if you walk around. Pets only allowed on certain sites. You MUST be escorted to your site upon checkin (no matter how long it takes for the polite person to escort you there). Site was pretty level and gravel. Seems as though no matter if the park is empty they will stack everyone right next to each other. Sorry but that is just STUPID. They have lots of activities and pools and a hot tub pickle ball tennis bocci ball and who knows what else. It is also a mobile home park that is very large. It is also a 55+ community and with that be careful the nametag police are out in force riding their golf carts (but them seem to be exempt from nametags and obeying the rules of the road). Cellular internet was very good but this was a shoulder season where the park wasn't much full. Winter I am sure will be much slower. Would I stay again? Maybe. Not in the winter but probably in a shoulder season. The staff was very nice and oh expect a package bugger than the closing document for a home purchase when you check in with all the rules and regulations. And they DO expect you to read them!
2 anos ás

Inglês (US)
This resort was DEFINITELY not for us- it may not be for you either. See our opinions below... Rate listed is based on weekly rate + day rate for one day + resort fees and taxes. *UPDATE: Our last day here the water went out at 10am. It's after 4pm and still no water. Apparently this happens a lot here. They're runnin goff well water (aquifer) and don't have proper shut off valves, so if something goes wrong, the whole park loses water. Srsly ;-/ So even if I did buy one of those laundry cards, still couldn't use it because NO WATER! On arrival, at the gate, Voyager very proudly announces "Voted Best in the Nation." Sadly it t misses MOST of the basics that anyone who visits RV parks would reasonably expect. It does have PLENTY of extras (if that's your jam). 1) There's no complimentary WiFi for short-term guests. "WiFi hotspots throughout the park" says the website. In reality, it's four closely clustered hotspots in the center of the park that you'll probably need an installed signal repeater to pick up and a monthly subscription to use. If you want WiFi, it's $40/month (minimum). Begrudgingly, we paid that for what was only a two week stay. What we got was mostly broken and unavailable WiFi, that was slow and pretty unusable even when it did work. This 'feature' is designed for long-term residents. When asked about it, the front desk replied, "yeah, we get that complaint a lot." Really? Seems like the best in the nation might provide WiFi for their guests. 2) Good luck trying to do laundry. You can't use cash. You have to purchase a card, that only dispenses credit in non-refundable $5 increments. A wash is $2 and a dry is $1.75. This is just like 6 packs of hot dogs paired up with 8 packs of hot dog buns. It's a waste designed to get you to keep spending. Again, this is designed for residents (or folks who use Encore or TT a lot). Oh, and even if you do want to go ahead and bite the bullet for convenience, good luck actually getting one of those cards. They were out and had been out of cards for over a week. The closest laundromat was 20 minutes away. 3) There's trash pick up twice a week. But you can't put it out the night before and it must be out by 8am. And 8:30am is too late for it to get picked up. Recycling? Just get in your car, navigate a maze of signs that take you beyond the resort, and separate it all into pile of different dumpster bins. 4) For the pleasure of not having basics like WiFi, laundry, or daily trash pick up--there's an unadvertised resort fee charged per person, per day, plus tax. That's an extra $67.23 we paid for this privilege. If you don't need these things, there ARE 10 pages of activities you may enjoy if you don't work all day (like we do). But still. You're a resort charging a resort fee and you have no WiFi. 5) Get used to wearing a stupid name tag. This is a GATED 24 hour secure facility. You get checked coming in and out of the resort. Doesn't matter. If you're a guest, you always have to wear a visitor tag. Residents are fine. They don't have to wear one. Weird. 6) Okay, what else do visitors want out of an RV park? A place to get packages and mail! Good luck with that too. Expecting mail in a tight delivery window? It gets delivered to some off-site location first, and then brought in the next day. Mail hours are from 9a-12p, then 1p-4p on weekdays (less than that on Saturdays). Try getting your mail at 3:30pm on a weekday. That should work, right? Nope. The mail person went home early. And apparently NO ONE ELSE in the office, with access to that room, can go get your mail for you. 7) Are you a dog lover? Your pet is certainly welcome at Voyager. But only on certain designated streets. Don't even think about walking your dog anywhere else except these few specific areas. I'm surprised they didn't issue my dog a name tag too. They do have 2 gated dog runs and the folks in the dog section are super nice. If you plan to be a resident and you love HOA's with tons of rules (did I mention the 20 page check-in packet?), then THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! But if you're an RV'er looking to stay for a short while, you would do A LOT better to hit up the KOA just up the road. The sites are about the same, but the KOA at least nails the basics you're looking for. We stayed here because the Gem Show was in town, we needed some repairs on our RV and the KOA was full. Some folks do seem to love it here tho...just wasn't for us.
3 anos ás