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Cabines para alugar
Areia da praia
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Indian Lakes Campground

6460 S 75 W
46795, Wolcottville
Indiana, Estados Unidos

Beautiful Campground, Large shaded campsite. Enclosed heated pool w/ 9000 sqft Lodge Building. Rental pontoon boats, golf carts, canoes, peddle bikes, camping cabins. All on a chain of 5 lakes. 20 acres of woods at the back of the park.

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Cabines para alugar

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Parque infantil
Nadar em água natural
Areia da praia
Piscina Exterior
quadra de voleibol
Campo de golfe
Aluguer de barcos
Rampa de barco
Aluguer de Bicicletas

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Cabines de lavagem
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Inglês (US)
There is not a single valid reason to ever stay in this campground. Any reviews to the contrary must have been written by folks behind on their rent. The ONLY two good things to say about this place are, the electrical grid supported everyone running their AC, and the pavement is fairly new. Oh, and the check in people were nice. The campground is primarily filled with full timers living in their beat-up RV’s, or by folks coming up for the weekends with their rigs staying full time. MANY rigs are in disrepair and have all kinds of junk in their campsite. I’m pretty sure the confederate flags were begrudgingly replaced with US flags. At least one campsite had a big flag with the “F word” on it. Politics aside, is this necessary? Especially with all the kids in this place. AT&T cellphone service barely works here. Barely able to text a single photo and impossible to view a video. Management doesn’t seem to notice or care. The dumpsters, located a distance from the campground, are surrounded by trash and they stink badly from within 20 feet. This is just disrespectful of their clients. And by the way most people maintain their rigs they do not value management or the neighbors. Friday night there was a DJ playing LOUD music and Saturday night there was a Karaoke machine playing LOUD music. Well past the 10 pm quiet time. Several people on golf carts also very loud music as they drove around. Lots of golf carts and kids on bikes. Big dogs bark loudly and are ignored by their owners. There is trash in the streets and over almost every campsite. Many of the campsites could use a load of gravel as they turn to mud in the rain. There are at least two lakes and one has a beach with a water slide. The beach shows that it is raked regularly. There are chairs and lounges available. The extensive kids play area has some updated equipment but also had a ‘treehouse’ on posts that is leaning to far for kids climbing on it. I didn’t visit the recreation room, laundry, or the bathrooms as everything is so neglected, I can’t imagine they are clean or even work. The men’s shower at the beach looks like it’s been closed for months. Two portable toilets are sitting outside. Again, this place is so poorly managed and maintained there is no reason to stay here. And they don’t refund money for any reason once you’ve paid. I would leave No Stars if that were an option.
2 meses ás

Inglês (US)
This is the most poorly run and most disgusting campground I have ever been to. We reserved two sites side by side for us and another couple 6 months ago only to arrive and be told someone else was on our site and refused to move. They tried to give us to sites on opposite sides of the park from one another and we refused. Finally, two hours later and after much arguing the owner (I think) gave us “two sites” which was really only one seasonal site and our friends had electric only when they had paid for full hookups. We were offered 30 pieces of wood for the “inconvenience”. Come to find out it was staff’s fault that others set up on our sites which is not how it was initially explained. Three days into our week we were told we had to move because the seasonal people were there for their site. Absolutely not, the others weren’t forced to move so neither were we. The sites we were given were a mud pit with almost no grass, there were craters everywhere from where people had moved the fire pit around previously, and so small it was ridiculous. Stopped in at the one bathroom/shower house while on a walk and it looked like it had never been cleaned. Toilets were full and human feces was smeared all over in one stall. We will never be returning and would advise others to look elsewhere
1 ano ás

David Allen
Inglês (US)
We stayed here with 4 boys for my sons birthday party. The indoor pool was a huge hit in October. We fished from the pier and had a Nerf gun battle. Lots of open space. Staff was super nice too. Would definitely stay here again.
3 anos ás