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Camping abierto de 01 January hasta 31 December
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Stockton Lake Recreation Area Campground


Great free camping area on the unaturally blue (but pretty all the same) Stockton Lake
Stockton Lake is an artificial lake, created when a closed mine was filled with water. This gives the water an unnatural turquoise blue colour, which looks amazing on a beautiful sunny day. There are lots of areas to camp, with undefined sites and plenty of room for caravans. It can be a bit cramped near the water's edge where boats are tied up but once you drive further along the dam's edge or away from the water there is plenty of space for campers. Check signage to find out if you can have campfires. Toilets are flushing along with sinks that are filled by water tanks. After each flush the toilets take a few minutes to refill with water. This is a great lake for skiers and power boats, however this means for campers there is a lot of noise from boats during the warmer months. Also there is a motorbike track next to the lake and the motorbikes also make a significant amount of noise during the day. If you are seeking a quiet campground you might wish to look elsewhere. But for skiing and boating the location is perfect. Unregistered off-road vehicles (e.g. trail bikes, quad bikes, ATVs) are not permitted in the area.
This campsite is in Stockton Lake An old open cut coal mine that is now filled with water and has become a water lovers oasis. More Information...

This site is accessable by caravans in good weather.

Getting there
Stockton Lake is 8 km east of Collie on Piavanini Road, off the Collie - Darkan Road. It is a sealed road right to the camping area where it turns to dirt.

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