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Seven Creeks Reserve Campground

Victoria, Australia

It appears camping may not be officially allowed at this site.
Note: This is not considered an official campsite, one visitor has noted... The campsite described above is in a Nature Conservation Reserve managed by Parks Victoria. The information provided above is misleading. It is not an official campsite and camping is technically not allowed, although people do use it. The creek and catchment are part of the drinking water source for Euroa and Violet Town. There is no potable water at the site. The site is on a floodplain (which floods most years). As it is a in a NCR no pets are allowed. Do not use campfires during the fire season (~Dec to March inclusive). Pleasant, quiet bush camping on small grassed, forested creek flats by the Seven Creeks facing forested rolling granite hills and backed by farms. Camping on the extended reserve between Polly McQuinns Rd and the creek is restricted to a couple of horseshoe bends 100-200m off the road. Good shade is provided by Narrow-leaved and Broad-leaved Peppermint. Wattles, apples and plums provide screening. Egg & Bacon and a carpet of buttercups provide colour in late spring. Plentiful bird life including wrens, tree creepers, whip birds and kookaburras.

This campsite is accessable with regular 2wd vehicles.

Getting there
From Strathbogie: South 1k on the Merton Rd, right (west) 1.5k on Polly McQuinns Rd, access on the right 200m past "Florence Vale" farm, at a sharp left bend

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