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Precio estimado Basado en 1 coche, 2 personas con una carpa, auto caravana o caravana.

Camping abierto de 01 January hasta 31 December
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Road Runner RV Park

4711 Boulder Highway
89121, Las Vegas
Nevada, Estados Unidos

Road Runner RV Park es un sitio de campo Las Vegas , Estados Unidos, situado en la región de Nevada. Perros son permitidos.

En Road Runner RV Park es posible acampar con un caravana o un auto caravana. Para lavar la ropa que hay secadoras de ropa disponibles.

Lugar características

Auto caravanas

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Piscina al aire libre
Campo de golf
Alquiler de barcos

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Secadoras de ropa

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Inglés (US)
Tried booking a site and unfortunately our Class A is a year too old to stay here. Just wanted to share to any others traveling in a more “vintage” rig. Haha.
3 meses ace

Inglés (US)
We stayed here to sort out some van issues since it was convenient to all kinds of stores. It was clean and the staff (and everyone else) were really friendly. Hot, long showers and the laundry were great. I wouldn’t call this camping, but if you need a place in a pinch this was just fine. One disappointment...the “dog run” was a grassy strip along the sidewalk of Boulder Blvd. Not a pleasant place to walk the pooch. But, overall it served a purpose. I wouldn’t stay here again if I could help it, but that’s because I don’t like camping in the city! Also this is a dead zone for cell signals, but we made it work.
2 años ace