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Quinta das Laranjeiras

Canada Roda do Pico 30
9600 - 097, Rabo de Peixe

You have come to the right place to make your vacation in Azores Islands, in particular on the island of São Miguel.

We want to thank your contact and we want to inform you the following, the Rural Camping Park Quinta das Laranjeiras, is prepared to receive 90 campers and 30 units of accommodation in its 4500 m2. Only with these characteristics it´s possible to offer the peace, harmony, rest time that we want to offer to our visitors. All Park promotes access for people with disabilities.


As for the park accommodations we can report that we have two types of accommodation:

Bungalows, which we call "Teepee", and accommodation in tents.

In Relation to the teepee:

We have four "Teepee" with 9m2, and one "teepee" with 20 m2, all of them it’s composed by a bedroom. Those "Teepee" don’t have WC or kitchen. The bed clothes as well as the bath towels are include in the service.

The small Teepee with 9m2 (small Teepee), basically it’s composed by a bedroom ideal for 2 people (Red /orange / green – Couple bed, yellow – 2 single beds), and another Teepee a little bigger (20 m2) (big Teepee), basically it’s composed by a bedroom (with a couple bed), and a small free area with 2 couch that can be transformed into beds, ideal for 2 people + 2 kids.

You can see some photos in the Web site (in the accommodation).

Beyond this space, we have a vast area for mounting a maximum of 30 tents.

The park also features the tent rental service, for those wishing to travel without carry the tent, only valid for the rental and use in the campsite itself.

The park is open 24 hours 365 days a year, except for some occasional interruptions. The check-in open and done only after 18:00 hors until de 24:00 h.

 In the Camping Park there is some common area, and they are:

  # Reception, where you can consult the references/books provided by us, a PC with access to the Net, as well as free wireless coverage area;

  # A totally equipped Shared kitchen and with all the tools to cook and to serve (stove, refrigerator, barbecue, tables, pots and pans, plates sets of cutlery, metal adornments, it includes the firewood for barbecue, etc.); Individual locker for storing food (only for the first 16 guess or those with a reservation);

  # WC composed by a bathing resort with division of sexes, having 3 showers (with hot water), 3 toilets (hot water) and 2 washbasins for each sex;

  # Laundry composed by a tank and protected area of the rain to spread the clothes out ironing board and iron ;

  # Electrical Power supply in the reception, WC´s and Kitchen, 220 V;

  # Parking place for vehicles, with area for 16 vehicles (only for the first 16 guess or those with a reservation);

  # Playground, small grassy field with dimensions of a soccer field of 5;

  # Belvoir, where you can have a drink and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or a Sunset.


If you choose one off the "Teepee", it is advisable to make the reservation, due the small number of teepee´s, has no additional cost. The realization of the reservation is guaranteed with payment of 25% of the total cost of the stay. The "teepee" has a minimum rental of 2 days.

As for the tents is not necessary to book, however it is advisable to make a reservation since there are only 30 places available

The Teepee or camping option, allow access to all existing facilities in the campsite, with the conditions already said.


  # Small Teepee 30,00 €/night (min 2 nights, max 2 ppl);

  # Big Teepee 50,00 €/night (min 2 nights , max 2+2 ppl);

 # Tents 8,00 €/adult e 5 €/kid (until 10 years) – With access to all facilities existing in Camp (tents not included);

 # Tents for rent (with air mattress) (until 2pp) 5,00 € /day (note: the tents are for 4 pp);

 # Sleeping Bags for rent 5,00 € (cleaning fee);

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