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Oura Beach Reserve Campground

New South Wales, Australia

As the name might suggest, this is a recreational reserve that is popular during the warmer seasons.
The "beach" is made entirely from river stones, but you take what you can get... The ground is well-grassed, although sometimes boggy. The Murrumbidgee River here is classed as a Trout Stream, so fishing has more than the usual conditions. Caveats: * underneath an airport flight path! * cockatoos galore! * the campground is well-shaded... by gum trees. Thanks to Nathan van der Velden for the following updates, Nov 2016 Great site. As description suggests, the cockatoos can be loud, and there are some planes overhead, neither really worried me. Toilet flushes and there's a hand washing basin (non potable water). Plenty of space for tents and motor homes (dirt road in is in very good condition), plenty of shade (under gumtrees), plenty of areas with no gumtrees too. There's a few spots to swim, but be careful as there's lots of debris under the water, the last two times I've been here the water was too rapid to swim safely. Grass can be a little long at times. Has some tables and fireplaces, we built a fire on a pit on the ground. Not much to do in Oura, but Wagga is pretty close with lots going on.

This campsite is accessable with regular 2wd vehicles.

Getting there
20 minutes drive east of Wagga Wagga via Oura Road

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