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Jugiong Campground

2726, Jugiong
New South Wales, Australia

A very large donation-fee showground campground, with Murrumbidgee fishing opportunities on one side, and a rest area at the other.
The more peaceful campsites are on the far side of the sportsfield besides the river, away from the constant traffic to the rest area. The adjoining rest area has toilets but no showers, and BBQ shelters (with a hidden electrical power point..) There is a for-fee seasonally-available swimming pool nearby. Across the main road is a greengrocer, wine cellar, cafe, and hotel. The town economy is primarily based around the lets-go-for-a-sunday-drive crowd, so some of these business only trade on weekends. This site would really be categorized as a mid-journey overnighter, but if you have the time to look, the town gives a bit of notice to the area's history, with white settlement going back to the 1820s. There are several stone-walled buildings (and ruins) around the township dating from the 1840s, including the St George Hotel that claims to be the oldest continuously family-run hotel in Australia. Thanks to Cabs for the following updates (Jan 2015) Stayed at this campsite last night (3/1/15). It was excellent. There is a local swimming pool at the entrance. Old but very clean. Water was lovely. Adults $4, Children/pensioners $3. It had hot showers and was open until 7pm 7 days per week. On the weekends it opened at midday. The kiosk at the pool sells tea, coffee, cold drinks, pies, mini pizzas. There is a children's playground at the entrance also, with toilets (male/female/disabled) that were clean. There were bins provided for campers. Across the road from the entrance are a few shops including a fruit and veg shop which is open 7 days and a cafe that sold excellent coffee and the breakfasts looked good. Will try one next visit. Donation boxes are provided at the entrance to help support the local communities costs for providing such excellent facilities. Jugiong is only 1 km off the highway but was tranquil and peaceful and we were thrilled to have tried it out thanks to finding it on this site.

This site is accessable by caravans in good weather.

Getting there
Adjacent to the main road of town-- hard to miss. The entrance is through a gate next to the rest area.

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