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Firth Park Campground

3485, Trentham East
Victoria, Australia

A reasonably pleasant camp located on the forested northern slopes of the Great Dividing Range.
An old house and historic arboretum site by a large dam. The fenced day area (6 BBQs, benches and shelter) features a range of exotics , wallaby mown lawns and overlooks a large dam. The smaller camping area slopes and is adjacent to the horse yards (flies) but is well shaded by Mountain Ash, Messmate and Peppermint. Surrounded by extensive forest on rolling hills. Popular at weekends. Thanks to Stephen McWalter for the following updates... Really nice, slightly hilly and very well shaded. Good covering of grass on the South side with areas cleared for campfires, fully tree covered sites on the North side with little to no grass/undergrowth. Some built fireplaces were also available and functioning. Toilets were long drop no flush and there was non potable water available, disabled toilet also on site. Fully fenced camp ground means you can’t drive your car up to the campsite. It’s fenced off because the trees in the main campground are heritage trees from 1870’s. Not really suitable for young kids, ours usually play in the water. Dam not suitable for swim when we visited in early Jan. Lots of leeches in the water. Flies were intense so ensure you bring food covers or other means of mitiga tion. Snakes sighted in the area while we were there so best to keep pets on a leash. Horse coral there looked well maintained for about 6 or so horses with camp ground available adjoining outside of the fenced campground.

This site is accessable by caravans in good weather.

Getting there
from the Bacchus Marsh-Gisborne Rd [C704] (21.5k north of Backus Marsh, 11.3k south of Gisborne), north-west 1.7k on Carrols Lane/Rd, continue on north-west 10.5k on Firth Rd (gravel), short access road on right.

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