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Buttercup Creek Campground

3723, Merrijig
Victoria, Australia

Five zones (signed) dispersed over 4k of un-maintained but firm road. Most sites backed by farm paddocks.
Generally small, grassed (short), signed creek side clearings within State Forest, facing steep forested hills Rated 3.8/5. Peppermint, Swamp Gum, Candlebark, Manna Gum, and Stringybark provide shade. Sites (distances from Carters Rd junction): #5 : 0.7k, 2 sites, secluded by bush road deteriorates, large, shallow pot holes #4 : 2.2k, 4 sites, WC, the most attractive site #3 : 2.3k, 6 sites, WC, hillside-most sites slope #2 : 4.0k, 4 sites, WC, narrow, extended along road #1 : 4.7k, 3 sites, a small grassed clearing. Creek is water supply for Mansfield - Chemical toilets preferred, alternatively locate ground toilets at least 100m away from creek

This campsite is accessable with regular 2wd vehicles.

Getting there
from Mansfield [B320]: East 28.5k on the Mount Buller [C320] Rd through Merrijig and just through Sawmill Settlement, left (north) 5.4k on Carters Rd (gravel), left (west) 0.7k down Buttercup Rd to the first site, 4 more sites over the next 4k, all on the right (Buttercup Rd deteriorates). The alternative access by turning left off the Mount Buller [C320] Rd at 15k, 9k up the Buttercup Rd to the first site, has 2 rough fords after which road is not maintained although base is firm.