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Alma Reserve Campground

5401, Alma
South Australia, Australia

On the banks of the Forth River, this well shaded campsite has plenty of room to park a caravan, yet enough seclusion to pitch a tent in privacy.
There are "long drop" toilets on the other side of the creek, which could be interesting if there has been some rain and the river is flowing. The sites are mostly sandy/dirt and there is not a lot of grass to be had. The water here is crystal clear, and there are a couple of nice swimming spots for the warmer weather. Fishing The Forth River is well known for trout fishing, and there are a couple of promising looking spots both up and down stream.

This site is accessable by caravans in good weather.

Getting there
Near the corner of Wilmot Road and Geales Road. Just down from the bridge crossing the Wilmot River. About 22km from Latrobe, Tasmania. You can follow the track in a bit further from the main camp area where there are a couple of more secluded sites.

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Nadar en agua natural
Montar caballo

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